Exposure- the more your home is exposed to the most likely buyers and those real estate agents working with them, the more likely you will receive higher and better offers, especially if two or more buyers are interested at the same time. 

If maximum exposure was not important, a little company called eBay would not have the incredible significance selling all kinds of merchandise to people across the world!

Here's how I increase your property's exposure to agents:

Trend Multiple Listing Service- your property is immediately inserted in Trend, reaching over 30,000 agents working with buyers across the Tri-State area.  Multiple photos and virtual tours enhance the attractiveness of your property, along with appropriate incentives to buyers and agents.

Agent Outreach Part One- agents with buyers in your property's price range are identified through our affiliation with eShowings, our showing appointment center.  Your property will be "pushed" towards these agents, giving "top of mind" awareness.

Agent Outreach Part Two- agents who are generally active in your area are also identified.  These agents are pro-actively notified about your property's availability and special features, giving us additional "top of mine" awareness.

Agent Outreach Part Three- agents with similar properties currently for sale, and agents who have recently sold similar properties are contacted with an impressive marketing email.  This will increase showing activity when your property is recommended to buyer prospects with whom these agents are working.

Here's how increase your property's exposure to buyers:

Buyer Profiling- likely buyers for your property are identified through our proprietary databases.  We outreach directly to those buyers most likely interested in your home.

Website Marketing- your home is featured on my and my office's websites, and distributed to all major real estate portals through our affiliation with ListHub.com, the nation's premier network for listing asset management. Your property is also displayed on REMAX.com,